23-Year-Old Woman Accused of Stealing $50K in Jewelry & Cash from Man in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

(Images: Screenshot/YouTube/CBS Miami)

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of drugging and robbing a Fort Lauderdale man of more than $50,000 in jewelry and other personal possessions in June after they crossed paths at a bar and he brought her back to his residence, according to police.

Cloe Reynicke, a 23-year-old Charlotte, NC resident, was arrested in Nevada on Monday for driving on a suspended license. She was arrested and charged with one count of grand theft for the June 10th incident in Fort Lauderdale, according to authorities.

Bobby Scali stated that he went out in search of a good time and was at a bar on Las Olas Boulevard when he happened to meet Reynicke, whom police later identified.

It was around 1:30 a.m., according to Fort Lauderdale Police. Scali and the two exited the bar and went to his residence.

Police surveillance video showed the pair walking into the building walking hand in hand before Reynicke left alone about 2 hours later.

Police said Reynicke managed to steal more than $52,000 in things from Scali’s residence, including Rolex and Breitling timepieces, an iPhone 12 Pro, his wallet, and $1,000 in cash.

Scali said he didn’t remember anything from that night, including going back to his place.

A toxicology report showed Scali had several drugs in his body including GHB, a date rape drug, and tranquilizers.

Police did not say if or when Reynicke would be extradited to Fort Lauderdale to face the grand theft charge.



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