47-Year-Old California Mom Accused of Hosting Wild Drunken Teen Sex Parties

47-Year-Old California Mom Accused of Hosting Wild Drunken Teen Sex Parties
(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/NBC Bay Area)

When deputies arrived to arrest a mom-of-two accused of organising secret alcohol-fueled sex parties for her 15-year-old son and his friends while living in California, she had a dozen teens at her new home in Idaho.

Shannon O’Connor, 47, of Los Gatos, California, prosecutors assert, would buy vodka and Fireball whiskey for the groups, pass out condoms to minors, start encouraging them to have sex, and even sit back and watch and laugh while the teens engaged in sexual activities, some of which were said to be sex without consent.

Deputies discovered 12 juveniles on O’Connor’s property when she was arrested in Star, Idaho, on a California warrant, and her own two sons were removed by social services after they were deemed to be in ‘imminent danger.’

Aside from the dozens of charges stemming from allegedly throwing liquor-sex parties for juveniles, O’Connor is also facing unrelated charges for reportedly embezzling cash from her old employer.

The mother is accused of keeping the parties hidden from her husband and other guardians while the 14- and 15-year-olds ‘vomit, become unable to stand, and fall unconscious,’ according to prosecutors.

O’Connor, also identified as Shannon Bruga, was apprehended as a fugitive in Ada County, Idaho, where she now resides, and was booked into a nearby jail, with prosecutors preparing to return her to California.

There, she is facing 39 criminal counts, including 12 felony child endangerment charges as well as sexual battery counts.


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