93-Year-Old Woman’s Body Found Inside Chest Freezer in Florida Home

93-Year-Old Woman's Body Found Inside Chest Freezer in Florida Home
93-Year-Old Woman's Body Found Inside Chest Freezer in Florida Home (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/NBCNews)

Police in Florida are investigating how the body of a 93-year-old woman ended up in her home’s freezer.

According to Sebastian police, Marie Hoskins was discovered Thursday inside the freezer in her home’s garage.

A concerned neighbor contacted police that day to request that officers conduct a welfare check on Hoskins, according to a statement posted Saturday by police.

“The neighbors were concerned about not seeing Marie Hoskins for an extended period of time. Officers made multiple unsuccessful attempts to contact anyone at the residence and were unable to obtain any information on the whereabouts of Mrs. Hoskins,” police said.

Officers finally got entry to her residence with the assistance of an out-of-town family member, police said.

Police discovered a 64-year-old resident inside the home who they did not identify but described as Hoskins’ daughter.

“She hadn’t seen her mother, Marie, in some time,” the woman told investigators. Hoskins’ daughter cooperated with investigators. Friday morning, detectives acquired a search warrant for the residence, police said.

That is when Hoskins’ body and other evidence were discovered, police said.

Officers briefly checked all hospitals and areas known to contain elderly people; police Capt. Timothy Wood told West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV. He stated that officers investigating the case had a “odd feeling about the situation.

According to police, detectives are collaborating with the medical examiner and the state attorney on the case.



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