Alleged Cult Leader ‘Nature Boy’ Arrested on Rape Charges in Georgia

Alleged Cult Leader 'Nature Boy' Arrested on Rape Charges in Georgia
Alleged Cult Leader 'Nature Boy' Arrested on Rape Charges in Georgia (Images: Screenshot/YouTube/FOX5)

Eligio Bishop, also known as “Nature Boy,” was arrested in DeKalb County and faces charges including rape. He is reportedly the leader of a cult.

According to DeKalb County Jail records, Bishop was arrested this week and faces five charges, including rape, false imprisonment, and three counts of “prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions” — under Georgia law, sending nude or explicit communications of someone “without the consent of the depicted person” is a violation.

DeKalb Police said in a statement that they launched an investigation into Bishop on March 30 after receiving a complaint, and that the department executed search and arrest warrants on Wednesday.

He was apprehended at an address in an affluent cul-de-sac outside of Decatur, according to police.

Bishop and his followers have a long history, according to reports.

The group appeared to be centered on sexual and naturalist themes at one point, but social media accounts indicate that it has recently repositioned around Bishop’s own messianic self-image and Black emancipation messaging. The posts are heavy on the number 3 and ancient Egyptian symbolism, with Bishop made reference to in the accounts as “Th3 3God.”

According to the Costa Rican report, the members of the group described themselves as “people of faith who had knowingly and willingly disavowed their biological families to join the family of ‘God’ Eligio Bishop.”

Bishop appeared in court on Friday for his first appearance, and the judge explained in a brief proceeding that due to the nature of his charges, she could not set a bond for him. 

She informed him that his attorney would contact him about filing a motion for a bond hearing in Superior Court, and that this was “all we can do for you today.”

“Outstanding,” he replied.


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