Body Cam Footage Reveals Florida Cops & Assistant State Prosecutor Mistreated Rapper Foolio

Body Cam Footage Reveals Florida Cops & Assistant State Prosecutor Mistreated Rapper Foolio
Body Cam Footage Reveals Florida Cops & Assistant State Prosecutor Mistreated Rapper Foolio (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/News4JAX)

The I-TEAM at News4JAX acquired body camera video of a controversial traffic encounter involving a Jacksonville rapper.

Charles Jones, also known as Julio Foolio, was detained in April on accusations of escaping and evading police as well as violating a window tint law.

The stop is illegal, according to Julio Foolio’s attorney. A prosecutor appears on the video, and Julio Foolio’s counsel feels it was no accident that the prosecutor came after he was stopped by an undercover gang unit. Prosecutors frequently appear at crime scenes, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

The body camera footage begins with undercover gang unit detectives around his car.

“Stop reaching! Stop moving!” a detective says.

Another detective says, “Get your hands up!”

According to Julio Foolio’s arrest transcript, he kept driving 3 blocks at 20 mph before coming to a halt at Division and West 18th streets.

He can be seen stepping out of the automobile around 30 seconds after detectives encircle the vehicle carrying 2 other individuals in the footage.

“Put your G** d*** hands out! What’s wrong with you?” a detective says.

“It appears the fleeing and eluding charge may have been him trying to maneuver inside the car,” Brown said.

In the video, Julio Foolio walks backward with his hands up after stepping out of the car. The prosecutor can be seen on the scene.

She glances inside the automobile in the video but does not appear to touch anything.

Brown was questioned if it was unusual for an attorney to show up at a traffic violation stop on suspicion of running and evading police as well as a window tint violation.

“No, actually they will have prosecutors that will show up on what I would call a classified, maybe as a high-profile case, or a case that is involving murder or some serious felony,” Brown said.

Julio Foolio’s lawyer filed papers alleging that the prosecutor is a witness in the case and actively engaged in the search, seizure, investigation, questioning, and arrest.

The State Attorney’s Office claims she cannot testify since she was not there when the traffic stop occurred.

A detective questions Julio Foolio in the back of the patrol car about his best friend’s murder in the footage.

Julio Foolio learns in the video that he will remain in detention after interrogation.

Julio Foolio, 24, is being held under house arrest.

During the traffic encounter, nothing illicit was discovered in his automobile, according to his counsel. He also claims Julio Foolio has no prior convictions.

Investigators say he’s a reputed gang member who makes rap songs about Jacksonville killings.



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