California Crash: Nurse Reportedly Had 13 Prior Wrecks Before Crash That Killed 5

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles)

The nurse charged with murder after her Mercedes plowed into traffic at a busy Windsor Hills intersection last week had been involved in 13 previous crashes, according to Los Angeles County prosecutors.

Authorities have released new information about Thursday’s crash and the driver, Nicole Lorraine Linton, 37, who lives in Texas but is currently renting a residence in Los Angeles while functioning as a traveling healthcare professional, according to LA Times.

Prosecutors stated that they are looking into several prior crashes connected to Linton, both within and outside of California, including one in 2020 that involved bodily injury and totaled two cars.

Halim Dhanidina, Linton’s lawyer, requested that the court on Monday to postpone her arraignment until October since he is evaluating her out-of-state history of “documented profound mental health issues.” Dhanidina did not provide details but said the Windsor Hills crash could be related to them.

Linton was arrested on 6 counts of murder and five counts of gross vehicular manslaughter on Monday. The 4 adults and the baby, who was about 2 weeks shy of his first birthday, were killed in a car accident. Those charges cannot include Ryan’s unborn child.

If convicted of all charges, Linton faces life in prison.

At the request of the district attorney’s office, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Natalie Stone denied her bail, which had previously been set at $9 million. Prosecutors said Linton planned to leave Los Angeles and travel to Hawaii for work.

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