Cold World: Indiana Woman & Her Alleged Lover Charged With Murder of Firefighter Husband

(Images: Evansville Police Department)

An Indiana woman and her purported lover have been charged with murder Thursday in the 3 year old shooting death of the woman’s firefighter husband.

Elizabeth Fox-Doerr, 50, and Larry Richmond Sr., 41, have been charged with the murder of Robert Doerr, who was discovered shot to death in the carport of the Evansville residence he shared with his wife on Feb. 26, 2019, according to authorities.

At a press conference, Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin said, “This senseless selfless act will forever leave a void of Robby’s family, friends, and coworkers.”

“His death rocked this community… [he was] truly one of Evansville’s bravest. Today is the first step in seeing some type of justice for Robby.” 

Doerr, 51, was shot 3 times after coming back home from a shift at the Evansville Fire Department, according to police.

When Evansville police announced the murder charges, both Fox-Doerr and Richmond were already in custody on separate charges. Fox-Doerr has been in prison since July 12 on a perjury charge, and Richmond has been in prison since 2019 on federal gun charges.

According to police, Fox-Doerr talked on the phone with Richmond minutes prior to actually dialing 911 on the day of her husband’s murder and subsequently deleted the call history.

According to the affidavit, the wife admitted to erasing the call history because she knew Richmond “had been in trouble before” and was afraid the homicide detectives would think she was engaged in an affair with him.

Richmond reportedly did admit to the affair, according to his son Larry Richmond Jr. He also claimed to have seen his dad and Fox-Doerr smooching in a vehicle. Homicide detectives also discovered a letter written by the victim to his wife detailing her extramarital affairs.

Richmond has long been implicated in the case, and he allegedly told another inmate on numerous occasions that he was in a romantic relationship with Fox-Doerr and had murdered her husband.

“We are relieved that the long wait is over and the individuals involved in this murder are being brought to justice for not only Robby’s murder but the pain they have caused his family, his friends and our department,” Evansville Fire Chief Mike Larson said at the press conference.



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