Couple Jailed Over The Horrendous Murder of Toddler

Couple Jailed Over The Horrendous Murder of Toddler
Couple Jailed Over The Horrendous Murder of Toddler

Kemarni Watson Darby: Mother and partner found guilty over death of three-year-old son

In his final months, the child was cruelly abused by his mother, Alicia Watson, age 30, and her then-boyfriend, Nathanial Pope, age 32.

West Bromwich’s filthy apartment was strewn with garbage, and he was kept in a closet secured with electrical wire to prevent his escape.

In addition to being subjected to “horrendous” beatings, the child sustained 20 rib fractures.

Pope was today sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of twenty-four years for murder.

The mother Watson was sentenced to 11 years in prison for causing or permitting the death of her child.

The vile duo was separately convicted of two additional counts of child cruelty involving additional children.

Mrs. Justice Tipples remarked to Pope: “The final assault involved multiple blows to his chest, limbs and abdomen from fists, kicking or with an object.

“This was a severe and sustained assault which will have caused extreme distress and pain and that would have been obvious to you.

“Abusing Kemarni was and became an accepted course of conduct in the flat. “Kemarni was not your son and he did not mean anything to you. You saw him as a nuisance who got in the way of your relationship.”

In addition, the judge criticized Watson for failing to stop Pope while “regularly beating him hard” with her hands.

Police have released disturbing footage of Watson taking Kemarni to McDonald’s on the day he was killed.

Before leaving the restaurant, the couple can be seen waiting together at the cash register for their food.

Kemarni and Watson are later observed passing a supermarket on their way home.

On June 5, 2018, just hours later, paramedics were dispatched to the family’s residence after the infant was discovered unresponsive.



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