‘Dame has no idea what directing a movie actually is’: Dame Dash Ordered to Pay $850k in ‘Dear Frank’ Movie Lawsuit

'Dame has no idea what directing a movie actually is': Dame Dash Ordered to Pay $850k in 'Dear Frank' Movie Lawsuit
'Dame has no idea what directing a movie actually is': Dame Dash Ordered to Pay $850k in 'Dear Frank' Movie Lawsuit (Image: Instagram)

A jury ordered Dame Dash to pay over $800,000 to producers in a copyright infringement and defamation dispute, according to records obtained by AllHipHop. The plaintiffs were represented by attorney Chris Brown, who has previously sued the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder.

Jurors handed filmmakers Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures $805,000 in a dispute over the film Dear Frank, a.k.a. The List. The producers accused Dame Dash of attempting to sell the picture as his own property, despite the fact that he had been dropped from the production.

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Dame Dash was originally contracted by Muddy Water Pictures to co-direct the movie in 2016. The directors accused him of frequently being high during production, and he was eventually fired from the movie in 2018.

Webber and Muddy Water Pictures completed the film without the Hip Hop entrepreneur, who marketed Dear Frank as Damon Dash Presents The List in advertising material submitted to BET. Webber slammed Dame Dash in a since-deleted Instagram post in 2019.

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“I wasn’t gonna speak on this bum but f### him and his lies,” Webber wrote. “I won’t sit back and let this guy try to slander or bully me any longer. Truth is [Dame Dash] is not a true independent artist or business man like he tries to pretend to be.. He was HIRED by @muddfilms to ‘Direct’ the film #thelist originally as a pure marketing stunt. I was the producer of the film and asked to ensure that it actually got made by ghost directing certain aspects.”

He continued, “Dame has no idea what directing a movie actually is or takes and was constantly yelling at crew members/cast, berating people on set, smoking weed and basically sleeping at the wheel. Then while in the process of finishing the film, Dame was being a hot head with the studio executive producer/financier stepping out of line and finally got FIRED!! I was approached to finish the job by directing the movie to completion and attached my company to help in its formal release. Really simple to understand.”

Dame Dash responded with an Instagram post of his own.

“These liars @muddfilms @joshawebber and @tonywhiteceo tried to con me,” he wrote. “And when I caught them I lying I took over the project and let @muddfilms stay in for short paper because he pretended to be thorough and now the #culturevulture @joshawebber who is obsessed with being me was my assistant director in true culture vulture form is going to try to take credit for a Black mans work.”

Dame Dash’s case did not end well, as a jury sided with Webber and Muddy Water Pictures in the case. Jurors found him liable for slander and copyright infringement.

Muddy Water Pictures was awarded $30,000 by the jury for copyright infringement. Dame Dash was also forced to pay $125,000 in punitive damages to the business.

Webber was awarded $400,000 in restitution for defamation. The jury awarded the filmmaker an additional $250,000 in punitive damages.



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