Disturbing Details: Ohio Woman Severely Beaten Until She Was ‘Internally Decapitated’

Disturbing Details: Ohio Woman Severely Beaten Until She Was 'Internally Decapitated'
Disturbing Details: Ohio Woman Severely Beaten Until She Was 'Internally Decapitated' (Images: @FOX19/Twitter)

According to court papers, a Cincinnati man is accused of “internally decapitating” a lady with whom he had two children.

Deandrea Funchess resided in Hartwell with her partner and their two children until she was discovered dead in early February. Her mother was informed for months that she died of a heroin overdose. It wasn’t until Funchess’ boyfriend was jailed that she discovered the gruesome facts of what allegedly occurred.

Mayzio Arnold, 25, was booked on suspicion of murder on Wednesday.

In an affidavit, homicide detectives stated that his attack on Deandrea Funchess, 24, was so violent that her spinal column ruptured from the bottom of her skull.

Her lifeless body was discovered early Feb. 15 inside a residence Arnold and Funchess occupied in Hartwell. Officers went to a call of a deceased person and discovered her motionless. She was declared deceased at the scene.

Arnold, Funchess’ partner and the father of her 2 kids, was jailed for her murder. Bernadette Davis, her mom, claims they’ve been interacting with Arnold for months without knowing he was a person of interest.

“It’s truly a shock right now to find out that he’s accountable for this,” Davis remarked.

She explains that  Arnold informed her that Funchess died of a heroin overdose. “Which never sat right with me,” she explained. “From day one, it never made sense to me.”

When police detained Arnold, Davis discovered the investigators’ version of events. She says she discovered the heinous charges online.

Davis is now grappling with the fact of having communicated with Arnold for months in order to interact with her grandkids.

Arnold is being jailed on $750,000 bond at the Hamilton County Justice Center. His case will be heard by a grand jury on July 25.