Domestic Violence: Body Camera Footage Shows MLB Star Marcell Ozuna With His Hand Around His Wife’s Neck As Cops Walk In

Video of Braves' Marcell Ozuna domestic violence related arrest released by police
Video of Braves' Marcell Ozuna domestic violence related arrest released by police (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/11Alive)

New police video obtained by TMZ Sports shows Atlanta Braves star Marcell Ozuna aggressively wrapping his hand around his wife’s neck just minutes before his arrest last May.

The incident occurred on May 29 in Sandy Springs, Georgia, after officers were called to a residence for a “assault in progress.”

As the cop arrived at the house, Ozuna grabbed his wife around the throat with his right hand, according to bodycam footage from the scene.

Ozuna, who was wearing a cast on his left hand due to an injury sustained just days before the altercation, cooperated fully and was subsequently arrested.

According to police documents, Ozuna’s wife told cops that the altercation started over cheating allegations.

Ozuna was initially charged with felony assault by strangulation in connection with the incident. However, the counts were reduced to misdemeanor family violence charges, and Ozuna agreed to participate in a deferred prosecution program to drop the case.

Ozuna was sentenced to at least 200 hours of community service and an anger management course, among some other things. He was also placed under supervision for six months.

The outfielder was eventually suspended by the MLB for it all this week, receiving a 20-game suspension – but because the punishment was retroactive, Ozuna is now eligible to return as soon as the 2022 season starts.