Family Finds Human Remains in Suitcases They Purchased at Auction

A family in New Zealand purchased a suitcase at an auction from a storage unit, only to find skeletal bones inside. Police in Manurewa, South Auckland, are now investigating the matter as a homicide.

The cops began investigating the case, which was first noted by BBC News, at the home on August 11, according to Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua, counties manukau district crime manager, in a news release last week.

Numerous police department employees, including the department’s Specialist Search Group, started working at the home overnight, according to Vaaelua’s statement, which was provided to CBS News by the police department.

Authorities believe the homeowners encountered the remains after bringing previously ownerless possessions to their residence, and they are not suspected of any improper conduct.

The investigation is ongoing, and the residents are assisting. Over the next few days, there will be heavy police presence in the area, and a postmortem examination is currently under way to try and identify the dearly departed and determine the circumstances surrounding the remains, which also is expected to take just few days.

Once the identity is determined, police will notify the next of kin, which “may take some time,” according to Vaaelua.

There seems to be widespread public interest in the case, and police say there is no immediate danger to the public. They will continue to provide updated information.


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