Florida Police Sergeant Charged After Grabbing Female Officer by The Throat

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/WPLG Local 10)

Authorities said a Sunrise, Florida, police sergeant was caught on body cam footage video last year grasping another officer by the neck has been charged in connection with the investigation.

According to Broward State Attorney Harold F. Pryor, the sergeant, 47-year-old Christopher Pullease, was charged with four offenses for his actions, including violence and assault on a law enforcement officer.

Pullease “is accused of intentionally touching or striking the female police officer against her will, assaulting her by holding pepper spray up to her face, and assaulting the civilian male by holding pepper spray to his face,” according to the state attorney’s statement. He is also charged with tampering with evidence, according to the report.

“Sergeant Christopher Pullease was involved in an incident in November 2021 that led to a joint criminal investigation that was conducted by the Sunrise Police Department and the Broward State Attorney’s Office,” Sunrise police said in a statement Thursday.

“Sergeant Pullease has been on administrative leave throughout the course of the investigation.”

According to the chief, on November 19, 2021, a suspect was arrested for a violent felony. 

Pullease “approached and engaged in a verbal altercation with the suspect in a manner that I feel was inappropriate and unprofessional,” Chief Rosa stated in January.

Pullease was yelling at the “suspect while holding his can of pepper spray.”  

“Although he did not deploy the spray, the sergeant’s actions unnecessarily elevated the demeanor of the suspect.”

A female officer can be seen on bodycam video racing up to Pullease, pulling him by the belt and dragging him back away from an accused person inside a patrol car.

Pullease then spins around and grabs the cop by the neck, pushing her backward, according to the department’s edited video.

Pullease was arrested and pled not guilty to all four charges against him at his arraignment hearing on Thursday, according to court documents. According to jail documents, Pullease has now bonded out of the Broward County Jail.