Gruesome Details: Man Accused of Torturing and Sexual Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend with Hot Hair Straightener Found Shot 7 Times a Week Later

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/FOX2)

The United States Marshals Service apprehended a dangerous suspect accused of brutalizing and sexually abusing his ex-girlfriend. But by the time they discovered him, he’d been shot multiple times, and police aren’t able to say who fired the shots.

According to FOX 2, Dekenta Parchman was wanted in connection with an hours-long assault on his ex-girlfriend inside her own residence. According to authorities, Parchman struck her and sexually abused her while using a hair straightener that was HOT.

The 30-year-old man is accused of terrorizing his ex-girlfriend at her Van Buren Township residence in late July.

According to FOX 2, he arrived at her apartment inebriated and began pummeling her in the face. They alleged he slammed several ashtrays over her head and violated her with a steaming hair straightener before battering her with an electrical cord and hits to the head.

After three hours of misery, she was able to flee to a neighbor and contact the police.

Parchman had reportedly stolen her vehicle and fled by the time they arrived.

A week later, the Marshals tracked him to Taylor, where he was discovered in a vehicle with seven unmanaged gunshot wounds. According to police, they were involved in a shootout in Inkster.

The victim spent numerous days in the hospital and is still struggling to recover.

Parchman’s bond was set at $250,000, with no 10%.


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