The Houston Police Department has released bodycam footage from the September shooting in which one officer was killed and another was injured.

According to ABC7, Senior Officer William “Bill” Jeffrey and Sgt. Michael Vance of the Houston Police Department were part of a group of cops who tried to execute a drugs arrest warrant for Deon Ledet at a Harris County apartment building on Sept. 20. When Ledet started firing through the apartment door, Jeffrey was murdered and Vance was badly injured.

An cop can be heard clearly to a woman who came to the door at the start of one of the clip. Sudden gunfire starts as the officer called out for Ledet.

In the video, Ledet can also be heard shouting between those rounds of gunshots.

Authorities noted to a device on Ledet’s gun that allowed him to fire so quickly on Tuesday and called for reform to prevent more of them from hitting the streets.

Milanowski stated that his agency has previously experienced the devices in Houston. So far this year, ATF agents in Houston have seized approximately 100 of the so-called auto switching devices, and seven investigations in the area have involved 11 handguns with the device attached.

The auto switches function by force applied to the trigger bar of a gun, allowing it to start firing dozens of rounds while the trigger is squeezed. According to Milanowski, firearms can shoot 30 rounds in 2.6 seconds.

During the ordeal, Ledet, 30, was also shot as well as died on the spot. There were no other injuries in the apartment.

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