Houston High School Teacher Charged for Sexual Relationship With 15-Year-Old Student

Houston High School Teacher Charged for Sexual Relationship With 15-Year-Old Student
Houston High School Teacher Charged for Sexual Relationship With 15-Year-Old Student (Images: Screenshot/YouTube/KPRC2)

After a sexual assault incident with one of her students last year, a former Langham Creek High School teacher is facing sexual assault charges.

Sarah Suggs, 47, is accused of sexually assaulting a minor under the age of 17.

The incident took place on December 10, 2021, inside a vehicle parked on the victim’s street, according to court papers.

According to records, the student’s parents met with Langham Creek High School officials three days later to notify them of explicit material gathered on the student’s mobile phone.

According to court papers, the 15-year-old victim, who was a student in Suggs’ English class, admitted to his mother that he had sexual relations with Suggs on December 10, 2021, after texts were sent to him by Suggs.

According to the boy, Suggs texted him on a daily basis. According to KTRK-TV, Suggs also sent pictures of her husband and kids to the victim and texted him late on weekends.

According to KPRC, the victim was attempting to play “Call of Duty” with a friend at his home on December 10 when Suggs started calling. According to KPRC, the teacher went over to his residence and decided to park her family’s minivan down the street. According to reports, the victim and his friend entered her vehicle, and Suggs dropped off the buddy. Suggs and the victim reportedly engaged in sexual actions in the vehicle after that.

When the teen returned home, his mother allegedly questioned him. According to KPRC, the mom took her son’s phone overnight and discovered text messages between the teacher and the youngster. The teen allegedly confessed to his mom that he and the teacher had a sexual relationship.

During an interview with Cy-Fair Independent School District Human Resources, the teen explained that it all started with “Remind 101,” a way for teachers to communicate with students and their parents online. He stated that the communication started around November 1, 2021, when he relocated into her English class.

According to court papers, pics and videos were sent and received via Snapchat. Suggs, on the other hand, refused to let the student save the images, claiming that “she could lose everything if their relationship was known.”

Suggs had been on administrative leave with the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District since 2005. She is said to have resigned on January 10.

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