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A Jacksonville hospital employee has been charged with molesting an autistic patient.

On Sept. 21, police were summoned to UF Health Jacksonville for a claim of lewd molestation, which was captured on a live surveillance stream during the incident.

The report indicates the victim is a vulnerable adult who is unable to audibly speak, take care of himself or make decisions, according to First Coast News.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report, hospital staff watch live video of patients’ rooms who have a increased risk of injury.

Tamiah Deligar, 31, the hospital’s dietary associate, was making rounds and bringing in food to patients when the monitor tech saw Deligar staying in a patient’s room, which she deemed suspicious.

She told JSO that Deligar was doing sexual acts on the autistic person when she focused in on the live view.

According to JSO, the patient also verified the woman’s activities on him by pointing, which was his only mode of communication.

Deligar’s boss claimed she got a text message from the accused apologizing for whatever shame her actions may have caused the dept.

“I do not have an excuse for my actions. I don’t know why I did it myself and that’s what’s frustrating me right now. But I am no way a victim and I’ll take on the consequences for my bad choice,” the text read.

Deligar was detained on September 22 and faces two counts of lewd molestation. Deligar was still being held in jail on a $100,006 bond as of Monday morning.

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