“I want to f**k!” Wendy Williams Says She’s Ready for Love and to Get Some Lovin’ Again [Interview]

“I want to f**k!” Wendy Williams Says She Ready Love & Get Some Lovin' Again [Interview]
“I want to f**k!” Wendy Williams Says She Ready Love & Get Some Lovin' Again [Interview] (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/PageSix)

Wendy Williams gagged in disgust as she watched the disappointing ending of her long-running talk show program.

“There was nothing I enjoyed about [the final episode of] ‘The Wendy Williams Show,'” Williams, 57, told The Post.

Her namesake show, which debuted in national syndication in 2009 and garnered a slew of Emmy nominations, was swiftly cancelled on June 17 by production firm Debmar-Mercury.

The final program was hosted by recurrent guest presenter Sherri Shepherd, 55, who took over for Williams in February while she dealt with health problems. Shepherd’s sub resulted in some social media drama between the two women. She’s now primed to take over Williams’ prized normal morning timeframe with her own self-titled talk show in the fall.

Wendy is currently working on her new podcast “The Wendy Experience,” which is set to premiere soon. She stated that, aside from the podcast, she hopes to open a restaurant and fall madly in love. Wendy filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, in 2019. Wendy now says it’s time to get back into the dating scene because she’s hot and fully prepared!

“If I don’t do anything else, including podcast, I would love to fall in love. I want to fuck,” Williams said in a Zoom interview with The Post, with her manager Will Selby off-camera. “Excuse me, I’m gorgeous. Can I fuck?” she remarked.


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