Iman Shumpert Arrested at Dallas Airport for Felony Marijuana Possession

Iman Shumpert Arrested for Felony Weed Possession at Dallas Airport (Image: YouTube/Screenshot/GQ Sports)

NBA player Iman Shumpert was apprehended at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport on Saturday for having a “significant” amount of weed in his backpack, according to TMZ Sports.

Police responded to a possible drug violation call around 2:40 PM… after TSA screeners discovered a plastic large bag with a “green leafy substance” in Shumpert’s backpack, which he did admit was marijuana, according to the police report.

The drug weighed 6.12 ounces and tested positive for marijuana using a mobile test, according to cops.

According to the report, Shumpert, 32, who was scheduled to board a Delta plane to Los Angeles at 3 p.m., voiced concern about failing his trip to see his daughter but the arresting officer notified him that he would not be able to make that flight because he was being arrested for marijuana possession.

According to the report, the 2016 NBA champion was then handcuffed and taken to the airport jail without incident.

The charge is a “State Jail Felony,” which means Shumpert could face up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine if found guilty.

Cops also claim Shumpert, who won Season 30 of “Dancing With The Stars,” had a Glock mag and 14 9mm rounds in his bag, despite the fact that he was not carrying a gun.

Shumpert previously played for the Brooklyn Nets in 2020-21 and has played for the Knicks, Cavaliers, Kings, and Rockets. In his career, he has averaged 7.2 points per game.