“It’s on me! It’s on me! Oh my god.” Bodycam Video Shows Deputy Shoot Fellow Deputy While Trying to Aim at Attacking Dog!

A police officer in Tennessee accidently shot a deputy who was defending himself against a dog attack, according to body camera footage.

Officers were summoned to the 8200 block of Brickyard Road in Powell at 11 p.m. on July 5, according to Knoxville television station WVLT. The harrowing footage, provided by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, shows Lydia Driver, a Knox County deputy, being pursued by a dog before being taken down to the ground and screaming: “it’s on me! It’s on me! Oh my god.”

Jordan Hurst, her partner, yells “watch out!” and fires twice at the dog. Hurst, however, mistakenly shot the deputy’s leg in the attempt. Hurst asks his partner, “Are you okay?” after hearing her shriek.

She responds: “No, you shot me”.

“Oh God!” he exclaims before putting a Velcro tourniquet around her leg to stem the bleeding and phoning 911.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, Driver was rushed to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for emergency surgery. She was released on July 9 after spending time in the icu, according to sheriff Tom Spangler. According to officials, Driver has begun the rehab procedures.

Hurst has been placed on administrative leave, according to the statement.

In an investigation undertaken by the Office of Professional Standards, authorities examined body camera footage, questioned Hurst, and reviewed results from the Major Crimes Unit.

According to the investigative records, they decided that no general directives were disobeyed during the incident.