Parenting Ain’t For Everybody: Surveillance Video Captures the Moment 2 Kids Allegedly Set Fire So Their Mother Could Steal from Clothing Store

(Image: Scottie Hunter WAFB/Facebook)

Surveillance video shows two children allegedly setting fire to a clothing rack while their mom is accused of stealing from the retail outlet.

It occurred at the Carter’s children’s clothing store on Siegen Lane. According to investigators, it was an intricate crime orchestrated by their mom.

On Saturday, August 13, 2022, a fire breaks out in the middle of the store, as seen in the video. A mom and her two sons can be seen fleeing while employees and other consumers are preoccupied by the fire.

Jerdae Tanner, the mother, has been arrested and charged with aggravated arson and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The video, obtained by the 9News Investigators, shows one of the kids light the fire. Once the pants go up in smoke, the mom appears to start stuffing clothing into her purse.

While customers and employees rush up to the smoldering clothing rack, sidetracked by the ruckus, the video shows the mother and two sons sneak out of the store. According to investigators, the trio then fled in a white getaway vehicle.

While one worker is seen calling police, another worker is seen with an extinguisher but having difficulty getting it to operate. At one point, a Good Samaritan stepped in to drag the smoldering clothing rack from within the store.

“It’s through those actions that saved a lot of money and a lot of damage in that store, and it was very quick thinking and it was good,” added David Hughes of the St. George Fire Department.



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