Lawsuit: Lil’ Wayne Accused of Punching His Personal Assistant in the Face During Airplane Fight

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Lil’ Wayne has been sued by a onetime personal assistant who alleges the rap star punched him on his personal jet during an argument.

Wayne’s assistant suggests that he had to intervene during an argument between both the rapper and a private aircraft pilot, according to court papers obtained by The Blast. At the moment, the assistant, Andrew Williams, claims he was compelled to intervene between Lil’ Wayne and the plane’s pilot in order to prevent them from bawlingr.

“On June 10, 2022, at or around 10:00 am, Lil Wayne accompanied by his staff including Mr. Andrew Williiams boarded a privately hired aircraft at Signature Flight Supports terminal,” in Los Angeles, according to the lawsuit. “As the group made their way aboard the aircraft, an altercation occurred between the aircraft pilot and Lil’ Wayne.”

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“Acting in that capacity, Mr. Andrew Williams attempted to prevent the verbal altercation from becoming physical,” it continues. The assistant alleges he placed his arm between Lil’ Wayne as well as the pilot, only for the performer to switch up and “punch him in the jaw with a closed fist.”

Regretfully, the rap star’s “numerous rings and large jewelry on his hands” made the former assistant claim the jab was more severe than a regular hit to the face.

Williams claims that after the alleged punch, he decided to exit the plane and went straight to a local Los Angeles emergency clinic for treatment. Finally, he claims that the punch caused “great harm” and that he “has and continues to be emotionally and physically damaged…including medical expenses…and loss of income.” According to the filing, Lil’ Wayne’s “outrageous conduct” has caused him “humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress.”

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The former assistant is also suing for wrongful termination, claiming that he was let go because of the incident.

Surprisingly, he claims that the “only official correspondence delivered to him on Lil’ Wayne’s behalf since the incident was a request to return a company backpack and Bluetooth speaker.”



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