Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Chinese Food Delivery Person Over Duck Sauce Has Died by Suicide

Man accused of killing food delivery worker in Queens found dead (Image: YouTube/Screenshot/FOX 5 New York)

The suspected “Duck Sauce Killer,” who shot and killed a Chinese food delivery man in Queens, committed suicide on Friday, just days before a court proceeding that could have managed to land him back in jail.

Glenn Hirsch, who was finally identified in a mug shot obtained by The Post, was out on bail when he gunned down himself at residence ahead of a morning proceeding in Queens Supreme Court, according to sources in law enforcement.

According to sources, the 51-year-old suspect was discovered dead on the living room sofa while wearing rubber gloves with the firearm in his hand and the radio jamming loud enough for police outside the door to notice.

According to sources, he appeared to have meticulously planned his suicide. According to sources, he draped plastic over the seat before tugging the trigger, and a typed suicide note several pages in length rest at his feet.

Hirsch had sent the extended letter to his counsel, prosecution, and others involved with the case, disputing murdering Zhiwen Yan on April 30 during a feud with the eatery over duck sauce.

According to a source, Hirsch wrote, “This is my dying declaration.”

Hirsch also attempted to clear his wife, Dorothy Hirsh, of her late-June arrest after an early-morning raid turned up 8 firearms and ammo at her residence.

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