‘Martin’ Star Tichina Arnold Is Finally Single…6 Years After Sex Tape

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/HipHollywood)

Tichina Arnold Puts Husband On Blast: He Has A Sex Tape With An Extraneous Whore (2016)

Tichina Arnold is single once again, TMZ has discovered that her lengthy and acrimonious divorce is now finalized.

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, Tichina’s divorce from DaRico Hines, a longstanding basketball coach, was granted on July 15.

It surely took a long time to arrive. As previously reported, the “Martin” actress filed for divorce from Rico in 2016 after stating there was a sex tape of him with another lady.

A representative for Hines, who presently works for the Toronto Raptors, refused to comment on the particular accusations but admitted the couple was struggling with a “private and deeply personal situation” at the time.

However, it wasn’t until August of 2021 that she actually filed the papers — that’s more than five years later. On the documents, she cited the typical irreconcilable problems, but listed the date of separation as January 12, 2016., roughly three and a half years after the wedding.

Now, everything has been resolved. Tichina and Rico had no children together and abandoned their rights to spousal support. Each party will retain their clothing, jewels, and bank accounts, according to the documents.