Texas Man Gunned Down by His Female Friend’s Estranged Husband During Divorce Talk at Restaurant

Maurenzo "Tuffy" Smith (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/KHOU 11)

Authorities say a man in suburban Houston killed his estranged wife’s boyfriend while arguing with her over their divorce at a seafood restaurant on Wednesday, then fled and turned the gun on  himself.

According to TV station KPRC, the 61-year-old man arranged to meet with his 28-year-old wife at the Crab Station in Harris County to settle the conditions of their divorce.

The wife was escorted by a 44-year-old man, whom investigators claimed was her boyfriend, however his family insisted they were not in a romantic partnership.

According to Fox 26, he was identified by family as local boxer Maurenzo “Tuffy” Smith.

The husband strolled into the restaurant with divorce papers spoke for about 20 minutes with his wife and Smith before the conversation became hostile.

According to the sheriff’s major, the husband rushed out of the establishment but reappeared a few moments later with a gun in his hand and fired 13 shots at his wife and her male companion.

Smith was struck numerous times and declared dead at the scene, however the husband missed his wife, who, according to investigators, exited the restaurant unhurt along with several other guests.

The guy fled in his Maserati, but was pulled over by authorities reacting to the gunfire reports.

According to authorities, the man then exited his vehicle and shot himself in the head.

He was transferred to Houston Northwest Hospital in critical condition. He was not expected to live, according to officials.

According to the sheriff’s office, the husband and wife had no kids and were married for 9 years before their separation.



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