NC Woman Trying to Get Back at Ex-Boyfriend Sets Fire to Wrong Home!

(Image: Rowan Sheriff's Office)

In an arson case being investigated by the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, a lady who may have been attempting to deliver a message to an ex-boyfriend reportedly chose the wrong location.

According to the report, a neighbor in Gold Hill was awakened at around 7 a.m. on Friday by a lady who appeared to be attempting to set fire to the house. On the front porch, there were stacks of wood and a fire, and deputies subsequently discovered a jug of bar and chain oil, which they believe was used to ignite and grow the fire.

The homeowner went outside and attempted to put out the fire with water. He observed a woman standing behind a blue automobile that was obstructing the driveway when he got out. Deputies eventually identified the lady as Christie Louise Jones, 49, of Richfield in Stanly County.

According to deputies, the homeowner went to retrieve the water hose and then realized that lumber pieces put around a gas tank were on fire. Jones reportedly used Flex Seal to try to seal off the water, causing the homeowner’s water hose to fail.

The homeowner then approached the woman with a firearm. Jones, according to the source, “simply mumbled” and didn’t have much to say. Jones was also said to be holding on to one of the homeowner’s pets.

According to deputies, a cut was spotted on the resident’s above-ground pool.

As the sirens of firefighters and deputies could be heard approaching the area, Jones allegedly got in her automobile and drove away, bumping the homeowner with her car as she did so.

The homeowner was able to obtain the license number as well as an identification of the vehicle. Another witness identified Jones and informed deputies that she was a Stanly County resident.

Deputies went to Jones’ residence and spoke with her. She was charged with felony first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and animal larceny. The bond amount was set at $101,500. In this situation, additional charges are possible.

Deputies estimate the property and pool to be worth $20,000.

A source told deputies that Jones’s ex-boyfriend owned property in the neighborhood and that Jones may have chosen the wrong address.

According to deputies, there is no proof that Jones and the homeowner were connected.


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