“No means no…”: Woman Who Poked Holes in Lover’s Condoms Gets Sentenced

"No means no...": Woman Who Poked Holes in Lover's Condoms Gets Sentenced
"No means no...": Woman Who Poked Holes in Lover's Condoms Gets Sentenced

In an allegedly historic judicial case involving a woman punching holes in her sexual partner’s condoms, a lady was convicted guilty of sexual assault in Germany, according to Newsweek.

According to German media sites, the case included a 39-year-old lady and a 42-year-old man who met online in early 2021 and began a casual “friends with benefits” sexual relationship.

They met several times, and the woman formed stronger affections for her sexual partner. According to the German daily Bild, the woman decided to secretly puncture holes in the man’s condoms that he kept on his bedside table in order to get pregnant.

Despite the fact that the condoms were broken, the woman did not become pregnant, but she subsequently informed the man that she thought she had been pregnant and confessed to what she had done.

The man filed a criminal complaint.

Prosecutors agreed that a crime had occurred, but they were unsure how to charge the woman. According to news channel DW, the judge examined whether the incident could be one of rape, but eventually opted on a charge of sexual assault after reading about “stealthing” in case law—though some contend that “stealthing” is actually rape and has been evaluated as such elsewhere.

The act of a man removing his condom during intercourse without the consent of his partner is referred to as “stealthing.”

Judge Astrid Salewski handed down a six-month suspended sentence to the lady, saying, according to DW, “No means no here as well.”


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