Predator: Florida Sex Offender Accused of Trying to Buy 8-Year-Old Girl for $100k at Grocery Store

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/ABC13 Houston)

Florida man accused of trying to buy 8-year-old girl for $200k (2018)

According to Port Orange Police Department, a Florida man who is also a registered sex offender was detained on Thursday after making the $100,000 offer to purchase a woman’s daughter while they were both shopping. The same man allegedly made a $200,000 offer to buy a woman’s child in 2018.

At a Winn-Dixie supermarket in Port Orange, which is northeast of Orlando and north of New Smyrna Beach, the most recent incident, according to police, occurred on August 16, 2022. According to an authorities Facebook post, Hellmuth Kolb “attempted to purchase a female minor for $100,000.00 from her parent.”

“Due to the parent’s clear concern that someone was insistent on attempting to purchase their daughter in a grocery store, we were notified. Unfortunately for him, we were able to confirm through his Probation Officer that Mr. Kolb is currently on probation for similar issues, and he is not to have any contact with minor children,” police said.

After being taken into custody, he was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail.

Kolb, who is reportedly from Austria, was detained after he reportedly propositioned a woman and her eight-year-old daughter within a Walmart store and made a proposal of $200,000 to purchase her, according to a 2018 FOX 35 News report. According to that report, he allegedly made a comparable offer to another mother and her daughter a month earlier.

Kolb pled no contest to a charge of false imprisonment in 2019, according to Florida’s online sex offender registry.

Online records show that Kolb was charged with battery in 2018 after allegedly touching a girl’s arm inside a Walmart in Port Orange and commenting that her skin felt “like ice cream.” According to the arrest report, the mother of the child in that incident walked the child away, and the child’s father stepped in to stop it.


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