Pregnant Oklahoma Woman Charged With Rape of 13-Year-Old Boy

Pregnant woman charged with rape of 13-year-old teenager
Pregnant woman charged with rape of 13-year-old teenager

A 23-year-old pregnant woman was charged with rape after police said she had sex with a 13-year-old boy several times over the course of a year.

Tyronea Powell, according to court documents, moved in with the young teen and his relatives in Oklahoma about 2 years ago. According to authorities, the homeowner told them she was a friend of the family who was “down on her luck and didn’t have a place to stay.”

The investigation started on April 11 after an occupant revealed seeing what they thought was sexual behavior between Powell and the teen.

According to police, they questioned the teenager that day, and he repeatedly denied any sexual activity.

Police said the teenager’s mom told them he had an emotional meltdown and did admit to the sexual interactions a few weeks later.

When questioned again on May 5, police said the teen became emotional and admitted having sex with Powell 10-11 times between the summer of 2021 and the time they were apprehended on April 10.

According to authorities, the teen claimed the sexual activity occurred in the den as others in the house were laying in bed.

Powell is seven to eight months pregnant, according to police, and they believe she is carrying the teen’s child.

When officer questioned if Powell was pregnant with his child, the teen shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t actually know.

Once the child is born, a DNA swab will be taken to determine if the teen is the father.

According to police, the teen did not inform anyone about his sex with Powell because he knew it was inappropriate given their ages.

The teen told police that he never forced himself on Powell and that she has never forced herself on him.

Police said Powell hired an attorney and refused to discuss the alleged occurrences.

She was prohibited from having contact with the teen. Her bond is set at $20,000 dollars.



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