R. Kelly Blames His Sexual Depravity on Ex-Wife During Psych Evaluation

R. Kelly Blames His Sexual Depravity on Ex-Wife During Psych Evaluation
R. Kelly Blames His Sexual Depravity on Ex-Wife During Psych Evaluation

Radar has learnt that R. Kelly blamed his long-standing estrangement from his three children on his issues with his ex-wife Dre Kelly and his sexual experiences.

The psychiatric exam report provided to the court by Kelly’s attorney has been obtained by RadarOnline.com. The singer met with the doctor several times, and they covered a wide range of subjects.

Kelly discussed his former relationships, his experiences with abuse as a youth, and his sexual preferences. When Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison, Kelly’s attorney thought the report would persuade the judge not to punish him harshly.

Kelly discussed his relationship with his ex-wife Andrea “Dre” and their three children, Joann Kelly, 24, Jaya, 22, and Robert Kelly Jr., 20, during his session.

From 1996 through 2009, the singer and his ex-wife were married. Kelly revealed to the physician who conducted his interview that he first encountered Dre when she was employed as his choreographer.

Before he shut off all other women, they dated for a short while. Kelly said to his doctor that Dre’s desire to pursue her dancing career—which was something they had discussed before getting married—was the reason for their divorce.

Prior to their union, Kelly claimed that Dre “agreed to be a housewife and raise the children.” Dre has just come forth about her marriage and accused Kelly of being abusive.

The doctor said Kelly believed the estrangement was due to his conflict with Dre.

Later in the session, Kelly admitted that his “problematic sexual behaviors” had caused him significant social consequences. He said those included an inability to sustain a romantic relationship, an inability to maintain a platonic relationship, and his estrangement from his children.

“Mr. Kelly stated that his sexual history related to conflict with his ex-wife of subsequent estrangement from his children,” the report read.

A New York jury found Kelly guilty of racketeering and trafficking in women last year. He was given a 30-year prison term by the judge last month.

Recently, Kelly was sent to Chicago, where he will stand trial on a different criminal charge.