Raw Video: Sanitation Workers Find Missing 10-Year-Old Girl From Amber Alert

Sanitation Workers Find Missing 10-Year-Old Girl From Amber Alert


Hours after authorities announced a 10-year-old New Iberia girl was missing with an early morning Amber Alert that sounded on phones around the state, she was found by two sanitation workers, a New Iberia Police Department spokeswoman said.

Social media footage apparently shot by one of the workers shows police cruisers pull up and officers taking a man away from the scene. The car out in a field, off the road, matched the description of the car make and model from the Amber Alert.

The New Iberia Police Department’s Facebook page said the girl was found safe shortly before 7 a.m., adding that working citizens called police when they saw the car tagged by the alert.

The video embedded at the bottom of the page — which features profanity — was broadcast live on Facebook by Dion Merrick, who said he was one of the two men who called the police.

“I had just seen this gray car parked in the field. That was the dude who had that little 10 year old. I just saved that little girl’s life, bruh,” Merrick said audibly and visibly shaken. “Thank God. They got him, now.”

That’s he turns the camera to a man who would eventually be detained by police.

The man being detained could be heard saying “What’s going on, man? Why are you doing this to me?”

Police said sheriff deputies detained Michael R. Sereal, the man whose car the 10-year-old girl was last seen near and the man for whom police got an aggravated kidnapping arrest warrant in connection to the Amber Alert.


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