Salon Owner Warns People About Scammers Posing as Hair Stylist on Social Media

(Image: Screenshot/YouTube/ABC11)

A North Carolina scammer is taking funds for hair appointments and then disappearing.

Joyce Carter has been styling hair for nearly 20 years and has never had to contend with anything like this before.

“I’ve had up to about 12 people come in here (who’ve) been scammed out of money,” she said.

Carter is the owner and operator of the Unlimited Styles Salon and Hair Loss Clinic in Fayetteville. She explained that it all started when someone came into her salon looking for a specific stylist.

Carter stated that the woman informed her that she had paid a deposit for the hairstyle and had been directed to Unlimited Styles Salon and Hair Loss Clinic.

Carter informed the woman that she had never heard of the beautician in question.

Then it happened again and again. Carter stated that in all cases, the women discovered the stylist through Facebook.

One victim told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson that she posted on Facebook that she was searching for a person to perform a specific style, and the scammer responded that they could do it if she made a deposit. The payment was sent through Cash App in all cases.

Carter is speaking out to ensure that others do not fall victim to this scam.

Carter recommends contacting the stylist and reserving directly with them, rather than using a scheduling app. Remember that anyone can falsely claim to be someone on social networking sites, so be cautious, especially when there is money involved.



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