‘She was unresponsive’: Indianapolis Mother of 2 Dies After Plastic Surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift & Tummy Tuck) in Dominican Republic

'She was unresponsive': Indianapolis Mother of 2 Dies After Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic
'She was unresponsive': Indianapolis Mother of 2 Dies After Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic (Images: Screenshot/YouTube/WRTV)

According to the woman’s twin sister Sharae Terry, an Indianapolis mother went to the Dominican Republic to get a Brazilian Butt lift and tummy tuck, but she never returned.

Sharae Terry describes her twin sister, Shacare, as a devoted mother to her two-year-old and the proud owner of the city’s east side Minnie Blessings in Paradise daycare.

Sharae says she had no idea she would never be able to hug her sister again after she traveled to the Dominican Republic in April with her childhood friend, Carlesha Williams.

Sharae claims she realized something was wrong when she Facetimed her sister just a few days after her surgery and noticed she didn’t look like her sister.

“I knew something wasn’t right. I knew it in my heart.” Sharae said. Last month’s trip was not Shacare’s first time traveling out of the country for surgery.

She revealed on her Facebook page in February that she had traveled to Mexico for gastric sleeve surgery, according to her family. Shacare and Williams returned to the Dominican Republic a few months later, on April 11, for another procedure.

Williams asserts that she and Shacare both having undergone Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck surgeries.

Dr. Jose Desena of Instituto Medico San Lucas performed both of their surgeries, according to Williams.

Williams said she was still in a lot of pain the second day after her surgery, but she noticed Shacare seemed to be having difficulties a lot more than she was. Shacare was admitted to the Centro Medico Escanno SRL clinic in Santiago a day later.

Williams says the doctor told her Shacare was fine, her kidneys were fine, and her body just needed rest. She said the Desena said Shacare was sedated and therefore unresponsive.

When Williams went back to see her friend the next day, she said she had a new doctor. The doctor said Shacare had trouble breathing on her own. Williams said Desena returned to the room and told her Shacare was improving, and she only needed dialysis.

About a week after Shacare’s surgery, her mother arrived, Williams says Desena insisted she just needed rest and told her them to leave the Dominican Republic.

Williams had to return to Indiana, but she went to visit her friend in the clinic the day before and was told they would wake her the next day.

Williams returned to the US on April 21 and learned of Shacare’s death.



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