Suspect in Deadly Subway Shooting Arrested

Suspect in Deadly Subway Shooting Arrested
Suspect in Deadly Subway Shooting Arrested (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/CBSNewYork)

On Tuesday, police reported that the man wanted in connection with the seemingly at random fatal shooting aboard a Q subway car bound for Manhattan over the weekend had turned himself in.

Andrew Abdullah arranged his surrender with his pastor in Brooklyn, who visited the Fifth Precinct to work out the details.

Tuesday morning at 6 a.m., police officers descended on the apartment of the suspect’s girlfriend, but he was not there.

Authorities say that 25-year-old Abdullah, who has approximately 20 prior arrests, was seen strolling around the subway car prior to shooting and killing 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez.

Abdullah has been arrested previously for assault, robbery, menacing, and grand theft, in addition to three pending cases.

According to the police, he was apprehended on April 22 for reportedly being in control of a stolen motorcycle, and while the Brooklyn district attorney requested $15,000 bail, the judge set a marginal bail of $1.

Even with the suspect in custody, the motive for Sunday’s subway shooting remains unknown, according to officials.

Abdullah also has a case pending from June 2, 2021, for criminal contempt for violating a domestic order of protection, and he was arrested for assault on March 24, 2021.

In 2017, Abdullah was found guilty of attempted second-degree murder as part of an 83-count federal indictment against members of the Harlem street gangs Fast Money and Nine Block.

He was released from federal prison in 2019 after serving a three-year sentence.

According to the police, Abdullah murdered Enriquez, a financial researcher hired by Goldman Sachs, on his way to brunch without provocation.

The NYPD thinks that the suspect gave the gun to a homeless man as he managed to flee the station on Canal Street. The homeless man then managed to sell the gun to a third party for $10, who reported it to the police.



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