Teairra Mari Claims She Doesn’t Have Any Assests for 50 Cent to Seize

Teairra Mari Claims She Doesn't Have Any Assests for 50 Cent to Seize
Teairra Mari Claims She Doesn't Have Any Assests for 50 Cent to Seize

The lengthy legal dispute between 50 Cent and Teairra Mari continues.

The musician recently appeared at a court hearing after supposedly missing a few in the past. Teairra was asked to show her financial statements to 50 and his team of lawyers, which she did through Zoom.

According to Radar Online, Teairra claims she has no assets or income. She stated that she has not worked since 2019 and will solely work in the entertainment world. The site adds the “Make Her Feel Good” singer declared she wouldn’t work a “9-5.”

During the hearing, she also told the judge that she earns “minimal income” from sponsored Instagram postings. She also started her own skincare company, “Hunniface,” but only made a small profit.

Teairra stated that she would be ready to pay the money in installments. However, 50 is concerned about how she will make the payments if she does not have any income or property. 50 isn’t going away. He stated that he will continue to look for Tearria’s resources. He’s also demanding additional legal fees for having to take the VH1 star back to court.

50 hired a private detective last month to find Tearria and his funds. On April 4, Teairra’s was served her with legal papers so that the courts may investigate her income because she refused to testify about it. Teairra claimed she couldn’t attend court since she lived in Georgia at the time, but 50’s investigator revealed she lived in LA when he served her documents there.

Teairra began the problem years ago when she sued 50 for publishing an intimate photo of herself online. 50 won the case because he claimed he just reposted an already-circulating image, and a judge agreed. The film business magnate was awarded $30k in attorney fees. A judge added an additional $20k in fines, bringing the total to $50k.



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