Terrorizer: Man Accused of Strangling Child, Shooting at Ex-Girlfriend With AK-47

Terrorizer: Man Accused of Strangling Child, Shooting at Ex-Girlfriend With AK-47
Terrorizer: Man Accused of Strangling Child, Shooting at Ex-Girlfriend With AK-47 (Image: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

According to police, a Tennessee man was arrested after shooting at his ex-girlfriend, shooting another man with an assault weapon, and attempting to choke a child.  Octavius Rodgers was arrested by police.

Police were called to the 1600 block of Paullus Avenue on April 6th and met with the male victim, who stated that he was sitting on his front porch when Rodgers showed up.

According to WHBQ, Rodgers then hopped out of the passenger side of a white Chevrolet Impala and fired an AK-47-style rifle, striking the man in the leg.

According to police, the gunshots also struck the home of three children, ages 5, 6, and 16, who were staying there. None of children were wounded.

Rodgers and his partner then left the scene and smashed the car at Paullus and Frayser School, where they ran away on foot, according to authorities.

According to the complainant, the altercation began when he confronted Rodgers and asked him why he had been firing shots at Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend and asked him to stop it.

Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend told authorities that he went to her house earlier that day and fired at her while she was in her vehicle in the 2300 block of Willow Wood Avenue.

According to police, the woman had other reports of Rodgers committing aggravated assault.

Police were called to her residence on March 26th after Rodgers reportedly threatened her and her 8-year-old son with a weapon and threatened to murder them.

Police records show that the woman’s son used a knife to protect his mother during a heated argument. Rodgers is accused of grabbing the child’s wrist to disarm him, then grabbing the 8-year-old and attempting to strangle him.

Rodgers allegedly told the woman that he was going to kill both of them before the police showed up.

On March 28th, the woman told investigators she was afraid for her life after Rodgers showed up at her door with a weapon and threatened to kill her.

On March 31st, she stated Rodgers went to her aunt ‘s home and fired an AK-style gun at 2 parked vehicles, which was caught on surveillance video.

On April 2nd, the woman stated that she was parked down the street from her home, awaiting a police escort to retrieve her possessions, but Rodgers arrived first and fired several rounds into the abandoned house.

Rodgers faces one count of criminal attempt second-degree murder, five counts of aggravated assault, child abuse and neglect, two counts of vandalism, one count of convicted felon in possession of a handgun, and one count of possessing a firearm to commit a dangerous felony.



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