The Devil Himself: Indonesian Principal Sentenced to Death for Raping 13 Girls and Impregnating Some of Them

The Devil Himself: Indonesian Principal Sentenced to Death for Raping 13 Girls and Impregnating Some of Them
The Devil Himself: Indonesian Principal Sentenced to Death for Raping 13 Girls and Impregnating Some of Them (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/WION)

An Indonesian high court granted prosecutors’ appeal and sentenced an Islamic boarding school principal to death for raping at least 13 students and impregnating some of them over a five-year period.

Herry Wirawan was convicted in February by a three-judge panel at Bandung District Court and sentenced to life in prison. From 2016 to 2021, he was accused of raping girls aged 11 to 14 at a school, hotels, or rented apartments in West Java. According to reports, at least nine babies were born as a result of the rapes.

His case sparked public outrage because there were several victims over the course of several years. According to police, the victims were too afraid to tell anyone.

In their ruling on Monday, the Bandung High Court agreed with prosecutors’ request for the death penalty and the seizure of Wirawan’s assets.

What he had done had caused trauma and suffering to the victims and their parents,” said the ruling the court released on its website Tuesday. “The defendant had tarnished the reputation of Islamic boarding schools.”

Instead of seizing Wirawan’s assets, the lower court ordered Indonesia’s child protection ministry to pay the victims $23,200 in total compensation and between $600 and $6,000 for medical and psychiatric treatment for each girl.

However, the high court ordered that his assets, including a foundation he currently owns, be seized and auctioned off to profit the victims and their children.

The judges also ordered that the victims’ nine children be given to the Children and Women Protection Agency for routine evaluation “until the victims are mentally ready to care for their children, and the situation allows for their children to be returned to the victims.”

The appeal court’s judges denied prosecutors’ proposal for chemical castration, stating that someone sentenced to death or life imprisonment cannot be subjected to other punishments other than the loss of certain rights.

Ira Mambo, Wirawan’s lawyer, said she would inform her client to appeal the punishment to the Supreme Court. They have seven days before the court decision becomes official to do so.

During the trial, Wirawan admitted guilt and issued an apology to his victims and their families.

When the mom and dad of a victim contacted the police after their daughter came home on a holiday and did admit she had just given birth, West Java police began investigating the case and arrested Wirawan last May.

The case was only made public in November, when court hearings started. Authorities said they waited to publicize it to protect the victims’ psychological and social well-being.

In January, President Joko Widodo expressed concern about cases of sexual abuse in Islamic boarding schools and urged parliament to expedite debate on a bill prohibiting sexual violence. Conservative lawmakers and Islamic organizations want the bill to prohibit extramarital sex and homosexual relationships.



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