Tragic Situation: Woman Accused of Killing 60-Year-Old Memphis Community Activist

(Images: Facebook)

A suspect in a fatal shooting in Raleigh has been identified by police.

Tifanee Wright is wanted on murder charges in the shooting death of Dr. Yvonne Nelson, 60, a long-time community activist and philanthropist in Memphis.

Nelson was fatally shot on the outside of a store in the 5100 block of Yale Road on Saturday night, according to police.

According to multiple 911 calls from people, the alleged shooter left the scene in a newer version black Infiniti, leading many to believe Nelson was carjacked.

Police have confirmed the incident was not a carjacking on Wednesday. The shooting was the result of a money dispute between the victim and Wright, according to the investigation.

Dr. Nelson is survived by two children and one grandchild.

Iman Mason, her daughter, said she doesn’t know if or even how her mom and the alleged knew one another, but she wants to ensure her mother is recognized for her contributions to the community.

Nelson was a philanthropist and activist. Among her many positions, she was president of Whitehaven Community Development for 25 years, a commissioner on the Memphis City Beautiful Commission, and had received state recognition for her work.

The tense moments leading up to Nelson’s death are captured on video.

A woman who seems to to be Tifanee Wright can be seen stepping backwards. As a woman presumed to be Nelson continues to walk toward her, she shoots a bullet into the ground.

The interaction lasted only a few seconds before the women vanished from pov and others in a shopping mall parking lot began running.

Nelson was shot multiple times, according to police, before she died. Wright drove away in a black Infiniti.

Mason says she has no idea why her 60-year-old mother approached Wright, but she professes she was not armed and didn’t pose a threat.



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