Wendy Williams Takes Wells Fargo to Court Over Frozen Assets; Dementia Suspected

Wendy Williams Takes Wells Fargo to Court Over Frozen Assets; Dementia Suspected (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/Viral Network)

Wendy Williams is urging Wells Fargo to unfreeze her accounts, the bank believes that “financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence” is taking place.

Wendy, 57, who has not been on her original daily talk show since the end of the last season in July 2021, is seeking an emergency injunction from the court compelling Wells Fargo to unfreeze her assets.

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Wendy’s claims that Wells Fargo has “possession of several million dollars’ worth of funds” that actually belongs to the ailing tv show host, and that she has been prohibited accessibility to her finances for more than 2 weeks, according to the filing.

Wendy’s attorney claims Wendy’s previous financial advisor told the bank she “was of unsound mind,” and that Wells Fargo has refused her access to her accounts and records.

Wendy’s accounts were frozen because of Wells Fargo’s authority under various client agreements to “‘pause or reject instructions for a proposed transaction,’ pending judicial or administrative remedies, should they suspect financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence,” according to the petition.

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Wendy has not presented any transaction that should enable the bank the power to delay or deny access to the funds, according to the host’s team of lawyers, therefore the bank has overstepped its authority.

While her lawsuit with Wells Fargo is settled in arbitration, her counsel is seeking court orders enabling her “access to her financial accounts, assets, and statements.”

According to the petition, Wells Fargo has breached its fiduciary obligation, and the host is facing “imminent and irreparable financial damage.”

Wendy and “her agents, members, officers, employees, representatives, and anyone else operating on Respondent’s behalf” must have access to the bank within 48 hours, according to the host’s legal team.

Source: The Sun