Woman Accused of Shooting Inside Dallas Airport Claimed She Was Married to Chris Brown & ‘God’s Prophet’

(Images: Screenshot/YouTube/CBSDFW/Instagram)

The suspected Dallas Love Field Airport shooter had an extensive criminal history and previously told authorities that she was “God’s prophet” and was wedded to R&B singer-songwriter Chris Brown.

Portia Odufuwa, 37, has been charged with arson, robbery, criminal trespass, and false reporting in cities around North Texas in the last several years.

However, in several of those cases, judges ruled her incompetent to stand trial, she was assigned to either inpatient or outpatient mental health programs, and the charges were dismissed, according to The Dallas Morning News. A Dallas County judge concluded just this summer that she was not a danger to others.

At around 11 a.m., she allegedly changed clothes in the airport bathroom, pulled out a handgun near a ticketing kiosk, and started fire into the ceiling. According to court papers, Odufuwa allegedly drew a gun on a motel front desk receptionist in April 2021 when she was homeless.

According to county court records analyzed by the newspaper, the woman gave authorities the location of rapper Chris Brown’s mansion after the encounter, but Dallas County Judge Kristin Wade dismissed the false report case in November despite the fact that Odufuwa “did not successfully complete the program” when regarded incompetent to stand trial. She was supposed to continue receiving mental health care somewhere else.

Odufuwa was arrested in Mesquite, Texas, in October 2019 after police responded to a burning house, and the woman, who was discovered waiting outside observing the blaze, apparently told officers she deliberately set it ablaze and had returned numerous times before without ever successfully burning down the home where she once lived.

“I am God’s prophet, and I need an attorney, but I’m basically letting you all know that I am the cause of this fire,” she told responding officers, according to court records. 

Odufuwa allegedly informed police that she would not provide any other information until she could communicate with her spouse, whom she named as Brown. She has no relationship with the rapper.

Odufuwa was charged with bank robbery in Wylie, Texas, in April 2019, after strolling into a Bank of America and flashing a note demanding an unspecified sum of money.

Customers were relocated to a secure area, and cops apprehended Odufuwa nearby as she attempted to flee the scene.

The woman was deemed incompetent for trial and received inpatient and outpatient treatment.

According to reports, when Odufuwa started fire at the airport on Monday, a large number of passengers ran or crouched for protection.

According to Dallas police, the suspect was shot in the lower extremities by an officer who was already in the non-secure area at a ticket booth. Odufuwa was apprehended and transported to a local hospital.