18-Year-Old Security Guard Arrested for False Report of Mass Shooting to Leave Work Early

Lollapalooza security guard charged with making fake mass shooting threats

A Lollapalooza security guard was apprehended after allegedly posting a bogus mass shooting in order to get out of work early.

According to WGN, Janya Williams, 18, is charged with making a false terrorism threat, a felony, after being arrested Friday evening in the 700 block of South Columbus Drive.

According to a court document, Williams was accused of providing a screenshot of a Facebook threat to her Andy Frain Services boss, who worked for the company that provided security.

Police suspect Williams launched the threat under the guise of “Ben Scott.” According to the court document, the post stated, “Massive shooting at Lollapalooza Grant Park 6:00 p.m.”

The supervisor then notified her superiors, and the Feds were quickly called in. According to the documents, an FBI expert was able to trace the post back to Williams and also had her location.

Williams was placed under arrest for questioning and decided to tell detectives she made the fake post to get out of work early, according to the document.

Williams was arrested and she also has a pending case in a retail theft.