Horrible: Married Couple Accused of Forcing Nonverbal Woman Into Dog Kennel, Burning Her With Boiling and Stealing Her Inheritance

A Collin County couple is facing several charges after being accused of putting one woman in a dog kennel and scorching her with boiling water while living the good life off of the inheritance of another woman who requires constant care.

According to a number of arrest warrant affidavits acquired by NBC 5, on Feb. 1 Collin County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a property near Wylie on the 100 block of Park Drive on a report that a woman had been held against her will for the last several months.

Deputies discovered the woman in the home, where she had fresh cuts on her face and burn injuries on both of her arms. Scabs and burns covered her legs, back, chest, and sides.

According to the woman, she was kept in the tiny room and placed in a dog kennel, thrashed with metal kitchen utensils, and burned with boiling water for eating the food. She stated the abuse occurred in the residence and that the owners, Alicia Calderon, 36, and her husband, Joseph Calderon, 38, “were the ones who had done this to her.”

Alicia allegedly punched her unconscious and guided her kids to put on boxing gloves and strike her in the face, in addition to dumping boiling water on her.

Alicia Calderon told authorities she shared a house with her husband and four children. She claimed that the woman who claimed to have been burned was a friend who lived with them and that she was free to come and go as she pleased. She claimed the burns were caused by the woman spilling hot water on herself.

The injured woman shared a room with two pit bulls and 75-year-old Marian Elaine Morris, who deputies discovered lying in her own urine and feces on a twin bed. Deputies said they requested Morris be taken to a hospital after noticing she was not really cared for. It was unearthed she had bedsores and was nonverbal.

Calderon told authorities she had been Morris’ caregiver since 2018, after having met her at Wylie’s Southfork Mobile Home Park.

Deputies stated that neither Joseph nor Alicia were employed, and when asked about the financial cost of taking care for Morris, they stated that Alicia had been placed on Morris’ bank account in order to use her funds for her care. Alicia stated that she was not paid for her efforts and cared for the woman “out of the goodness of her heart.”

Morris’ estranged daughter told police that she and her mother received approximately $78,000 in inheritances in 2019 and that her mother received approximately $800 per month in Social Security benefits.

According to the affidavit, investigators acquired copies of Morris’ bank accounts, which started showing the inheritance check being deposited in February 2019 and that the account was drawn negative within 3 months with transactions for insurance, utilities, rental cars, retail shops, tattoos, and a child bouncy house rental. According to deputies, countless cash withdrawals bringing the total tens of thousands of dollars were also made.

According to deputies, the only routine deposits made to Morris’ account were from her Social Security benefits.

According to deputies, the couple depleted Morris’ bank account and spent the money on items unrelated to her care, and Alicia also allegedly assaulted the other woman who was staying in the residence by pouring boiling water on her twice.

Joseph faces two charges of exploitation of the elderly and injury to an elderly person, while Alicia faces two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, injury to an elderly person, and exploitation of the elderly.

It’s unclear whether Alicia or Jacob have retained counsel.



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