“His eyes were locked on us”: 77-Year-Old Woman Attacked by 8 Foot Alligator at Florida Retirement Community

(Image: Pixabay)

A 77-year-old Florida woman is attempting to recover after being attacked by a nearly 8-foot alligator in a retirement community.

This took place inside the gated Del Webb community of Lakewood Ranch. A neighbor says he’s never seen anything like it.

Fire & Rescue crews assert that after hearing the woman’s screams, neighbors rushed to her aid and ran and yelled at the alligator until it eventually let her go. Back in the water, the alligator scampered. According to officials, the alligator settled down about two feet from the shore and did not budge.

“His eyes were locked on us and luckily MSO was there to keep us safe and he had his weapon drawn just in case the gator did attack again,” East Manatee Fire Rescue said.

A trapper was immediately dispatched to the scene. Once the trapper arrived, it became apparent that the alligator, which measured 7 feet 10 inches in length, exhibited characteristics that led experts to believe it had been fed.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, the alligator was removed from the community and put to death.

Florida residents should exercise caution when walking near water, according to Silver.

“Every pond you come across, it could be a little small puddle, and there could be a gator in there.”

The Florida Conservation Commission reported in November 2021 that between 1948 and 2021, there were 442 unprompted alligator bites in Florida, an average of six per year. 26 of the bites were fatal, equating to nearly one fatality every three years in the state.



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