Bodybuilding Star Cedric McMillan Has Passed Away At 44 Years Old

Bodybuilding Star Cedric McMillan Has Passed Away At 44 Years Old
Bodybuilding Star Cedric McMillan Has Passed Away At 44 Years Old (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network)

According to reports, bodybuilding star Cedric McMillan, the 2017 Arnold Classic winner, has passed away at the age of 44.

McMillan, who turned pro in 2009, has had a number of health problems in recent years, which include heart and breathing problems that may have been caused by COVID-19 and forced him to withdraw from competition.

Despite his frequent layoffs and inability to maintain muscle mass, the bodybuilder was hopeful about his return to the stage.

Cedric McMillan Winning Speech | Arnold Classic 2017

However, Cedric died on Tuesday, according to Generation Iron. According to the outlet, McMillan suffered a heart attack while working out on a treadmill.

Cedric, who was born in north New Jersey in 1977, was phenomenal on stage. In addition to winning the extremely popular Arnold Classic in 2017, he also won the Orlando Show of Champions in 2011 and the New York Pro in 2012.

He also placed in the top ten of Mr. Olympia on several occasions.

Cedric began providing commentary at bodybuilding events after becoming ill with coronavirus and being forced to withdraw from competition. At the Classic, he even got to work along with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cedric recently updated fans on his deteriorating health and wondered if he’d ever be able to hit the stage again.

McMillan was not only a top bodybuilder; he was also a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

Cedric is the third major bodybuilder to die in recent months. Shawn Rhoden passed away in November. George Peterson passed away in October.



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