Cardi B Reportedly Wins Wild $3M ‘Herpes’ Lawsuit Against Blogger

Cardi B Reportedly Wins Wild $3M 'Herpes' Lawsuit Against Blogger
Cardi B Reportedly Wins Wild $3M 'Herpes' Lawsuit Against Blogger (Image: Screenshot/UNWINEWITHTASHAK)

A federal court rejected a $3 million lawsuit filed against Cardi B on the basis that the singer threatened a blogger.

According to court records acquired by Radar, the court determined that Cardi’s lawsuit against the blogger Latasha K will be heard by a jury, but the countersuit has been canceled.

Cardi filed a lawsuit against Tasha after she stated she had Herpes, had been a prostitute in the past, and took narcotics. Tasha later sued Cardi, claiming she was publicly slandered, which resulted in death threats.

The court stated that he will not rule on Cardi’s accusations against Tasha and will leave it to the jury. He stated that Tasha has provided the court the “video evidence” that supposedly shows “Plaintiff has at least admitted to being a prostitute and as to her use of drugs.”

Tasha alleges she stated Cardi had herpes based on pictures she saw online of the rapper with “visible cold sores,” according to the judge. He wants a juror to make a final decision on the allegations because of the varied stories.

The court, however, stated that Tasha only supplied evidence of Cardi’s acquaintances issuing threats, not Cardi herself. He also discovered no evidence that Cardi was the source of Tasha’s emotional anguish or pregnancy complications.

Cardi B is taking legal action against Tasha K Blogger, Talks about not having herpes


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