Federal Prosecutors Reportedly Want Nicki Minaj’s Husband to Serve Time for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

Federal prosecutors want Kenneth Petty to serve 15 months in prison and pay a $55,000 fine
Federal prosecutors want Kenneth Petty to serve 15 months in prison and pay a $55,000 fine (Image: Instagram)

Prosecutors want Nicki Minaj’s husband to serve time in jail rather than house arrest for failing to register as a sex offender in California, according to TMZ Hip Hop.

According to new legal documents, federal prosecutors believe Kenneth Petty, who pled guilty to the offense, should face more than 6 months in prison followed by supervised release.

They specifically state that any home detainment ordered as part of his supervised release would take place in the massive Calabasas mansion where he and Nicki reside.

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The federal govt points out that it’s in a “gated affluent community” with a pool, Nicki’s music studio, and a beautifully manicured backyard – accommodations that don’t fit their definition of crime and punishment.

In fact, the US Attorney’s Office appears to believe that Petty’s life of privilege is what led him astray. According to the documents, Petty managed to keep up with his sex offender registry documentation for nearly 20 years, until he encountered Nicki in 2019 and decided to move to California.

“Defendant began dating his wife, quit his job, moved to Los Angeles, and adopted an affluent lifestyle,” they write.

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Petty testified in court that he was unaware of the specific stipulations to register when leaving New York state, but prosecutors claim he was familiar with the rules after receiving annual warning messages for two decades.

As previously reported, Petty was required to register as a sex offender following a 1995 attempted rape conviction in New York.

Federal prosecutors in California are now suggesting that he serve 15 months in prison, 5 years on supervised release, and pay $55,000 in retribution.

When sentencing is handed down on July 6, the judge will have the final say.


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