Former NBA Player Vince Carter’s Atlanta Mansion Burglarized on Father’s Day, $100K Stolen

Former NBA Player Vince Carter's Atlanta Mansion Burglarized on Father's Day, $100K Stolen
Vince Carter's Atlanta home was burglarized while his wife and children hid in a closet; 100K stolen. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube/11Alive)

A police report provides new details about the burglary at the residence of former Atlanta Hawks star Vince Carter.

Sunday just before midnight, the Atlanta Police Department responded to a report of a break-in off King Road in northwest Atlanta.

According to WSBTV, Sondi, the wife of Carter, told investigators she was in bed with her kids when she heard loud noises coming from the front of their residence.

She dialed 911 and hid with her sons in a closet, according to the incident report. Carter reported to dispatchers that she heard someone scavenging through their possessions in multiple rooms.

When police arrived, they observed a masked man dressed entirely in black fleeing the residence. According to the police report, the man made it to an awaiting SUV and fled.

Outside the fenced-in residence, police discovered two firearms and cash littered about the yard. They believe that one of the firearms was stolen from the residence and the other did belong to the suspect.

The police report indicates that the cash found in the yard exceeded $16,000, but Vince Carter told police that it was only a fraction of the $100,000 that was stolen from the residence.

The police are analyzing surveillance footage and a fingerprint to pinpoint the thief.

After 22 seasons in the NBA, Carter concluded his career with the Atlanta Hawks.


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