Horrifying: 34-Year-Old Woman Dismembered Her Husband’s Body With a Axe & Asked Her Kids For Help Moving His Parts

34-Year-Old Woman Dismembered Her Husband's Body With a Axe & Asked Her Kids For Help Moving His Parts
34-Year-Old Woman Dismembered Her Husband's Body With a Axe & Asked Her Kids For Help Moving His Parts

A LaPorte woman is accused of murdering her husband and attempting to enlist the help of her young kids in disposing of the mutilated body.

On July 27, Thessalonica Allen, 34, allegedly shot her husband, Randy Allen, 50, inside their La Porte, IN apartment after only one year of marriage.

In addition to homicide, she is charged with felony counts of abusing a corpse, altering a death scene, contributing to the delinquency of her two minor children, and neglecting the children, according to South Bend Tribune.

The ages of Thessalonica Allen’s children are not specified in court records, but both are under the age of 16.

She contacted the father of one of her kids and told him that her husband had been abusing her and the children.

The baby daddy went over to her place and she showed him the husband’s dead body and asked if he could help her put him in the car. He reportedly said NO, and asked to be dropped back off at home.

Then on their drive to his his house, he states, to police that she threw a pistol out the vehicle. Police arrested her south of the Michigan border and she told the cops that she shot her husband and “he beats me.”

Authorities located his chopped up body parts in a tote inside their apartment. “She then admitted she had to cut Randy’s legs off because she wasn’t able to fit him inside the tote,” and had used an axe to remove the limbs, police said in court documents.

Officers were told by her two teenage kids that they did not observe any violent confrontation on the day Randy Allen  was murdered. According to court documents, the day before he was killed, he was assisting them with their schoolwork on a laptop when he discovered a website their mother had frequented.

When he questioned Thessalonica Allen about the webpage when she arrived home, they argued and the children heard a loud bang, according to the documents. The children asserted that they saw Randy Allen on the floor of a bedroom and he asked them to call 911, but their mother told them not to and ordered them to their room.

According to court documents, she later woke them up in the middle of the night to get the children to help move his body from the apartment to her automobile, but it was too heavy for them to transfer.

The children claimed their mother returned the following day with deep cleaning tools and an axe, and woke them for the second night in a row, this time seeking help putting the body into a tote. Documents allege that they discovered his legs had been severed at that moment.

Allen is being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on August 20, according to jail records.


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