“I think I’m getting ready to miscarry”: Police Officer Blocks Pregnant Woman from Entering Hospital

(Images: Screenshot/YouTube/First Coast News)

After a viral video showed an officer obstructing a pregnant woman from trying to enter an emergency room, the Miami-Dade Police Department has started an internal investigation.

Kevin Enciso and his pregnant wife Sabrina Enciso were on their way to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Doral, Florida, when 2 cops prevented them from entering to the parking lot, chatting to each other from their vehicles.

In a hurry, Kevin beeped his horn to warn the cops that someone was behind them. According to First Coast News, one officer quickly moved out of the way while another approached their vehicle and performed a traffic stop, unwilling to let the couple pass.

After Kevin refused to show his license and demanded that he speak with a supervisor, the officer tells him to get out the vehicle. The couple made clear to the officer that Sabrina had been under doctor’s orders to visit the hospital to check on the wellbeing of her baby after being in an accident the previous day.

“I think I’m getting ready to miscarry,” Sabrina said in the video, noting that she’s in a lot of pain. “I am coming to the ER today because that’s what my doctor stated I needed to do, to make sure I don’t lose this child.”

Instead of allowing the couple to enter the emergency room, the officer summons paramedics and questions Sabrina about her injuries.

A spokesperson for Miami-Dade police reportedly stated on Monday that the department is aware of the video that went viral and has initiated an internal affairs investigation.



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