Man Arrested in Connection to Woman’s Strangulation Death on Phoenix Bus

Man Arrested in Connection to Woman's Strangulation Death on Phoenix Bus
Man Arrested in Connection to Woman's Strangulation Death on Phoenix Bus

According to authorities, an Arizona man has been arrested after reportedly strangling a woman on a municipal bus, causing her to die from “internal decapitation.”

Joshua Bagley, 26, is set to be charged with first-degree murder in the death of Diane Craig, 41, who was discovered unresponsive on a bus on Friday morning. On Wednesday, the Phoenix Police Department announced charges were pending.

“After several days and tireless efforts that were a collaborative partnership between several units in the police department and the community, the suspect in this case, Bagley, was taken into custody this afternoon,” the department said in a statement.

“Mr. Bagley is currently in police custody as the booking and interview process is completed.”

According to police, Bagley, who entered the bus separately, strangled Craig with bag straps and pushed her to the ground. He also stole a number of her belongings.

Craig was subsequently discovered with the bag straps still wrapped around her neck. She was brought to the hospital and declared dead.

According to the bus driver, Bagley moved to the front of the bus before stepping off outside of a QuikTrip.

Bagley was detained Tuesday afternoon after police received a tip about a suspicious man. He had been jailed and released on unrelated charges just days before, according to court documents.

Bagley reportedly informed police after his arrest that he has been in ‘102 fights.’ The reason for his attack on Craig remains unknown.



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